Our family of four has used other prepared meal services in the past and we enjoyed the convenience of not spending another hour cooking at the end of the work day. The downside to other services was the lack of healthy meal options. Above the Grain has provided us with a wide variety of tasty prepared dinners that are also paleo. Our five and three year old children even enjoy eating the dinners. Above the Grain has been a huge time saver and has improved the health of our whole family.” – Jeff Pfeiffer


   “I have been overweight my whole life and struggled with overeating and food choices and always blamed my Italian heritage for the way that I ate. Well, about a year or so ago I decided that enough was enough and was going to make a change in myself. I started working with a trainer and eventually joined Crossfit where I was introduced to eating Paleo. I thought the concept was ingenious and made a lot of sense to my scientific mind, but still had excuses!!  “I don’t have time to cook like that with the hours that I work, or it’s too hard to stick with it, or I don’t want to spend all my leisure time in the kitchen” Well, a lot of this was true for me until I was introduced to Above the Grain.
    It seemed too good to be true…portion sized meals that were gourmet and delicious and completely Paleo! I have been ordering food now for the past 4 or 5 months and am so happy that a service like this has been available to me. I have been able to stick with eating Paleo and because of this I have been able to accomplish my fitness goals and stay on track with my weight. To date, I have lost over 40lbs and I know that it is so easy to back track and to get lazy. I feel like I have a safety net with eating Fit Food and know that I can rely on something delicious and super convenient even when I’m working my 13 hour days at the pharmacy.  I feel very fortunate to have this as a tool in my journey to improve my fitness and health and know the best is yet to come!” -Lauren Sava


“I have been eating Above the Grain meals for a while now, and enjoy everything about them.  The food is delicious and the convenience is great. I find that for me the hardest part of preparing a healthy meal is the planning and having good ingredients on hand when it is time to cook. With Above the Grain I don’t have to worry about any of that.  Each week Above the Grain provides a variety of fresh, healthy, tasty, portion controlled Paleo meals that conform to your likes, dislikes and dietary needs.  It just can’t be any easier.  Having the Above the Grain meals on hand helps me avoid poor food choices, and gives me confidence that we are eating healthfully. And the best part… I have lost 15 pounds since I started eating these meals. I would recommend Above the Grain to anyone looking for a fast, easy way to get good food on the table.” -Sandy Conner