Getting Started


You may place an order through our website by clicking “sign up now” on the homepage, selecting your meal plan then checking out or by calling (941) 779-7864.

Ala Cart/Catering dishes are prepared to order and delivered fresh weekly.  As such, all orders are due on Monday, the week prior to the delivery date (9 days prior). For meal plan customers, orders must be submitted and paid in full every Friday by 5:00 PM ET.  All meal plan clients will be put on reoccurring billed charges unless the 2 week trail is selected at initial checkout. If you would like to stop receiving meals weekly please refer to the cancellation policy as the same policy applies.

Please check all order and delivery information carefully when placing your order and on your order confirmations.  Please notify customer service immediately if there is an error.  We are not responsible for errors due to your profile selections, settings or delivery instructions (e.g., name misspellings, incorrect or incomplete address information, lack of phone number).

  • Ordering For Multiple People (Same Household).  You may order food for your entire household under your profile.  However, to customize preferences for individual people in the same household, different from those in the main profile, you will need to add information in the comments or email the preferences to
  • Ordering For Someone Else (Different Household).  To order food for a person at a different household with a delivery address that is different than the one in your profile, you must create a new separate profile for that person (even if you are paying); otherwise, that individual’s order will be sent to the address on file in your profile. Alternatively, try our Gift Certificates.

How do I heat the food?
We recommend that you remove the food and place it on a plate before microwaving it. If applicable, we recommend heating your meals (after removing any fruit or sauce containers) for 1-2 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. Or placing food in an oven safe dish and bringing the oven to warm.

Delivery Schedule

Since every meal is made fresh Above the Grain has one delivery day each week starting January 1, 2013.

On Tuesday we deliver meals to your home, business, affiliated fitness facility or local Crossfit box depending on which method of delivery you choose. Wednesday delivery is only an option if scheduled prior via email with confirmation due to Above the Grain being closed.

Each client will have $20 charged at the initial registration for their Above the Grain insulated cooler. If you do not select it in the checkout at the initial order we will bill your credit card for it. Each client will also be responsible for the cooler bag being in place and clean at requested delivery location before the set delivery day and time, therefor exchanged each week. If it is not in place or it is damaged you will be charged for a new one.
All dirty bags returned will be charged a $5 cleaning fee so please be respectful and wipe out your own bag if need be.

Delivery to your local Crossfit box or affiliated fitness facility in the Sarasota/Bradenton area is $5 on the specified delivery days, delivery to your home or business is $10 per delivery. Our driver will deliver your fresh meals on Tuesday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Delivery fees are listed above. Someone must be available to accept the food within given time period if this method is chosen, the driver will call 30 minutes prior to arrival. If delivery arrives and someone is not available to accept it during the time period set the food will be left at the door and you are still responsible for payment if it is not refrigerated within given hours and the food spoils. You will be notified when your delivery will be arriving and it will be documented in case of spoilage.

Gated Communities.  If you live in a gated community, you are responsible for giving us your gate code.  If your community has a guard station, you are responsible for making sure that our delivery driver is given access to your address.  If our driver is turned away, you are responsible for picking up your meals at Above the Grain.  If you prefer the driver attempt a second delivery, you will be charged an additional delivery fee.

Pets.  It is your responsibility to secure your pets.  If local delivery is impossible due to a pet issue, you are responsible for picking up your meals at Above the Grain in Lakewood Ranch.  If you prefer the driver attempt a second delivery, you will be charged an additional delivery fee.

If you are unable to pick up your meals during the scheduled times or will not be available to refrigerate the food within safe hours, it is your responsibility to notify customer service and reschedule a pick-up time or delivery time.  We will discard all meals that have not been picked up by Wednesday at 3:00 PM unless other arrangements have been made.  Meals not picked up by the rescheduled date will be disposed of or donated to a local food shelter but clients are still responsible for payment.

Cancellation and Order Changes

Requested before the Weekly Order Deadline (Monday, 9 days prior to the delivery date)

Order change requests may be made in writing prior to the Weekly Order Deadline without penalty, by emailing your request to Any refund amounts if any of such order cancellation or changes will be credited to your Above the Grain account to be used for future purchases. If making your requests in time there should be no credit amount therefor your card will not get charged for that week and meals will not be delivered. All meal plans are a 4 week minimum commitment unless you select the 2 week trial then the 4 week minimum starts after that is complete and you do not cancel service. You must cancel in writing to

Requested after the Weekly Order Deadline (Monday, 8 days prior to the delivery date)

As we purchase and prepare your food specifically for your customized order, any cancellation or order change requests made after the Weekly Order Deadline prior to your meals being delivered you are still responsible for payment and may choose to either take the meals or just pay for them. This is not flexible due to the large amount of custom food cost involved.

We cannot guarantee accommodation with any order change requests made after the Weekly Order Deadline. We cannot accommodate any cancellations or order change requests after your meals have been prepared.

Customer Service
If you have any questions on our privacy policy or refund policy please contact us directly: (941) 779-7864 or email