Above the Grain

Be a Part of Sarasota’s First Paleo Inspired Mobile Food Service!

We need your help to expand our healthy food service project. GoFundMe is a unique fundraising site. If you help us to reach our goals, you will be rewarded by being a huge part of the first and healthiest Paleo Food Trailer with a full service commercially operated kitchen servicing the Sarasota & Manatee Counties! Also, how awesome would it be to have your Crossfit Box logo or other business advertised on our food trailer? We will gladly do this for our Platinum and Diamond level supporters. What is Above the Grain? Above the Grain is a mobile food trailer with a fully functioning commercial kitchen. It will cater to customers seeking healthier eating habits based on the Paleo lifestyle. Our unique menus includes high quality ingredients without the use of gluten, soy, dairy or legumes.  Real food made from natural ingredients purchased from local farmers and markets whenever possible. Above the Grain will be mobile and visit various Crossfit events and eventually high populated areas such as downtown Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch. We want to offer our clients the ability to eat healthy while on the go. We have had such a great response from our local Crossfit members, friends and families that we’ve decided this is something Sarasota and Manatee needs. We will work together to support our local farming communities by using only locally grown produce and meats whenever possible. Our mission: The mission of Above the Grain is to be the first mobile Paleo food service trailer in the Sarasota & Manatee County areas to provide delicious Paleo friendly and healthy meal options to our residents, visitors, and athletes of our community. Our community is all about being healthy, fit and eating right. What we serve: Above the Grain serves Paleo meals which are gluten, dairy, soy, legume, antibiotic and hormone free. Above the Grain also has ready to warm and serve A la cart meals to take home and keep handy for those days you need a quick meal. We also offer our clients delivered meal packages delivered weekly to your home, business or Crossfit Box.

The Impact:

This mobile food service will provide much needed resources for the natural health communities of Sarasota and Manatee Counties. These towns promote a great emphasis upon health, diet and good food. Our mobile commercial kitchen is a much needed service for the food industry in our area. We will work together to support our local farming communities by using only locally grown produce and meats whenever possible.   How can you help? You can help us reach our goals with 3 simple steps: 1) By pledging whichever level you feel most comfortable with. Anything no matter how small will help us reach our goals. 2) Share our fundraising page with your family and friends and everyone else you know. 3) Keep in contact with us on facebook and twitter and follow our progress to help us spread the word in our community. That’s it! We are hoping to raise $25,000 to build a full service commercially operating kitchen and all of the necessary food preparation equipment.  We vow to put all funds towards this business and look forwards to serving Sarasota and Manatee.

Thank you all for visiting this site, reading my story, believing in me and helping me obtain this dream!! Special

Thank You’s:

  • All of my friends who guided me in this direction and supported me all the way
  • GoFundMe for making this fundraiser a reality
  • Alexis Pennington from Crossfit Lakewood Ranch for supporting my project every step of the way and in many ways being a major influence for this project
  • Cait Mann for all of the endless Paleo lessons and for also sharing her delicious recipes. Check her out at
  • Special thanks to my family for teaching me all that I know and supporting me all the way
  • And a very special thanks to Lil Momma for always cleaning up the floors